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Niche 158, Beishan Rock Carvings (北山石刻) Anderl, Christoph


This niche is located in Beishan Rock Carvings (北山石刻), Fowan (佛灣), Dazu (大足) District, Chongqing. The niche is severely eroded. Traces of a central figure flanked by two disciples are visible. The head of the central figure is lost and the body is damaged. The circular halo is trimmed with flame patterns, and its tip extends to the ceiling connecting a lotus motif. The figure sits on a Sumeru throne, holding a bowl in the left hand. The disciple on the left side forms an Añjali Mudra (Chinese: heshi 合十). The head of the disciple on the right side is lost. This figure carries a staff. Metadata created by: Sau Ling Wendy Yu.

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