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Avalokiteśvara with prayer beads, Niche 125, Beishan Rock Carvings (北山石刻) Anderl, Christoph


This niche is located in Beishan Rock Carvings (北山石刻), Fowan (佛灣), Dazu (大足) District, Chongqing. The central wall depicts a standing bodhisattva with a Tribhanga post, probably Avalokiteśvara, holding a string of prayer beads. The headdress is decorated with scroll grass patterns, while the necklace and pants are adorned with jewellery. Shawls drape by the two arms from each shoulder, flowing in the air elegantly. The upper part of the left side wall has a feitian 飛天 (Sanskrit: apsaras) image, while the lower part depicts a standing attendant figure with an Añjali Mudra (Chinese: heshi 合十). The setting of the right side wall is similar to that of the left. The attendant seemingly holds a plate with offerings. Descriptions of the photos: Overview of niche [1] Signboard of the niche [2] Metadata created by: Sau Ling Wendy Yu.

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