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Niche 4, Qianfo zhai (千佛寨) Anderl, Christoph


This badly-eroded niche is located in Qianfo zhai 千佛寨, Anyue xian 安岳縣, Sichuan sheng 四川省. There are seven images, including one buddha, two disciples, two bodhisattvas, and two guardian deities. Their heads are all damaged. The buddha in the middle is sitting on a lotus throne with an oval halo behind his head and a nimbus on the back. There is a canopy above the buddha image. The other statues are all standing on a lotus platform. The bodhisattva on the right of the buddha image is adorned with beautiful pieces of jewellery. The two guardian deities are holding vajras and their torsos are naked. Metadata created by: Sau Ling Wendy Yu.

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