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Pilu hall (Pilu dian 毗廬殿), Pilu dong 毗廬洞 Anderl, Christoph


According to both historical and archeological evidences, the Vairocana hall (Pilu dian 毗廬殿) was constructed relatively late compared to the other caves in Pilu cave (Pilu dong 毗盧洞), Anyue xian 安岳縣, Sichuan sheng 四川省. Photo [1] shows the central view of Vairocana hall. Photo [2] shows the left side of the hall and a with a dharma drum. Photo [3] shows right side of the hall with a dharma bell. Photo [4] shows the further left side of the hall. Metadata created by Malang Cilangasan (May 31, 2022).

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