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Han Dynasty tomb (Han mu 漢墓), Pilu dong 毗廬洞 Anderl, Christoph


This Han dynasty tomb (Han mu 漢墓) is located between the Youju Cave (Youju dong 幽居洞) and the Jade Emperor Cave (Yuhuang ku 玉皇窟) in Pilu cave (Pilu dong 毗盧洞), Anyue xian 安岳縣, Sichuan sheng 四川省. Many artificial Han cliff tombs have been found and excavated throughout the Sichuan region. These archaeological remains may suggest a localized burial tradition characterized by horizontal excavation of hillsides. Although their designation suggest that this cave might date back to the Han dynasty, no archaeological remains or material culture have been excaveted yet. As a result, it is still unclear whether this was in fact an artificial cave for burial purposes.  Metadata created by Huajie Fan (May 31, 2022).

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