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Niche 22 of the Yuanjue dong 圓覺洞 site, three Buddhas and donors, Yuanjue dong 圓覺洞 Anderl, Christoph


Front view of three Buddhas sitting on lotus seats inside Niche 22 in Yuanjue dong 圓覺洞, Anyue xian 安岳縣, Sichuan sheng 四川省. The Buddha on the left raises his right arm and points towards the Budda at the center. The Buddha on the right raises his left arm and points towards the central Buddha. In addition to the three buddhas, there is also a disciple carved on the left wall [1][2]. Seven smaller Buddhas sitting on lotus seats are also portrayed (two are missing). Some of them are in meditation mudra, and one is holding a jewel (Ch. baozhu 寶珠). A patron-like figure is also carved on the lower left of the picture, yet the carving is very much weathered [3]. Reference: Chengdu wenwu kaogu yanjiusuo 成都文物考古研究所, Beijing daxue Zhongguo kaogu yanjiu zhongxin 北京大學中國考古學研究中心, and Anyue xian wenwuju 安岳縣文物局, 2013: “Sichuan Anyue xian Yuanjue dong moya shike zaoxiang diaocha baogao" 四川安岳縣圓覺洞摩崖石刻造像調查報告 in Sichuan daxue bowuguan 四川大學博物館, Sichuan daxue kaoguxue xi 四川大學考古學系, and Chengdu wenwu kaogu yanjiusuo 成都文物考古研究所 (eds) Nanfang minzu kaogu 南方民族考古 vol. 9. Beijing: Kexue chubanshe, pp. 387-389 Metadata created by: Yalin Du, Sijia Li, Clara Ma, Jie Zhang.

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