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Inscriptions on left wall of Cave 59, Wofo yuan 臥佛院 Anderl, Christoph


Several scriptural texts are inscribed on the left wall of Cave 59 at the Wofo yuan complex 臥佛院, Anyue xian 安岳縣, Sichuan sheng 四川省. Starting from the entrance, these are: 1. The Sutra on the Profound Kindness of Parents (Ch. Fumu enzhong jing 父母恩重經) 2.The third fascicle of the Essential Secrets of Meditation Sutra (Ch. Foshuo chanmiyao jing 佛說禪秘要經) 3. Exerpts from Meditation Methods as Spoken by the Buddha (Ch. Yin chi ru jing 除持入經) 4. The Dasácakra Sutra (Ch. Daji dazing shilun jing 大集地藏十輪經).

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