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Statues surrounding the Peacock King (Kongque mingwang 孔雀明王), Kongque dong 孔雀洞 Anderl, Christoph


These photographs show the carvings surrounding the statue of the Peacock King (Ch. Kongque mingwang 孔雀明王) in Kongque dong 孔雀洞, Anyue xian 安岳縣, Sichuan sheng 四川省. The peacock king is a female bodhisattva featured in the Peacock King Sutra (Ch. Kongquewang zhou jing 孔雀王咒經, Skt. Mahāmayūrī-vidyarājñī-sūtra) and the Book of the Peacock Spell (Ch. Fomu dakongque mingwang jing 佛母大孔雀明王經, Skt. Āryam-aha-vidyarājñī-sūtra). In the niche of the peacock cave, two gods and two devas stand on the left side of the upper back wall, joining their hands as a token of greetings [8]. Six devas stand in two rows on the right side, however only the one in the center of the front row is intact. He is holding a fruit plate [2] On each side of the lower level of the back wall is a guardian deity joining its hands in respect [1][7]. The left wall has collapsed. On the upper right wall is a scene of heavenly victory over the asuras. Four gods stand on a cloud, one holding a spear and a bow to shoot and one standing with a long pole [3][4][5][6]. The opposing three-faced, six-armed Asura stands between the rocks, holding the sun and moon and a rope, sword and halberd. Metadata created by: Veerle Vantomme, Violetta Maes, Junxi Sun, Changmeng Wan, Chiung-Ju Huang, and Sinae Kim.

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