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Overview of the Stone Pagoda with Scripture (Jingmu shita 經目石塔), Kongque dong 孔雀洞 Anderl, Christoph


The Stone Pagoda with Scripture Titles (Ch. Jingmu shita 經目石塔) located in Kongque dong 孔雀洞, Anyue xian 安岳縣, Sichuan sheng 四川省 dates to the Song dynasty (960-1279). This three-tiered pagoda has a height of about twelve meters and has eight octagonal columns on each tier. The octagonal columns of the three-tier pagoda were engraved with 1244 Chinese characters, of which 775 are still readable. The pagoda contains inscribed titles of 144 Buddhist sutras, of which 124 are now extant. Each side of the column is carved with eight or nine characters. The characters are evenly-sized and well-proportioned, displaying an angularity that seems to be intentionally aesthetic. All the lintels at each tier have small Buddha statues, there are twenty-four Buddha statues in total. The style of this pagoda is simple, solemn, majestic, and straight, and it is also well preserved. Other records show the details and decoration. Metadata created by: Veerle Vantomme, Violetta Maes, Junxi Sun, Changmeng Wan, Chiung-Ju Huang, and Sinae Kim.

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