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Stele established in 1346 recording the sacrifice in the name of the emperor of imperial incense (recto); Name list (verso)(1346年制御香代祀記(碑陽);題名(碑陰)) Jia, Jinhua; Yang, Zhaohua; Li, Lin; Yuan, Xiaoli; Tian, Menglu


This stele is located in the Grand Hall (大殿) of Beizhen Temple. The size of this stele is 149cm (body height), 84cm (width), and 13cm (depth). The body of this stele is badly efflorescent and fractured into four parts; these parts were then patched together. There are four characters, “Yu Xiang Zhi Bei 御香之碑” (Stele of Imperial Incense), on the front of the stele forehead. This stele was established in the 6th year of Zhizheng (1346). The title of this stele is “Stele Record of the Sacrifice in the Name of the Emperor of Imperial Incense”, which describes Emperor Yuan Huizong sending officials Niang Jiadai (囊嘉歹) and Hudu Tiemu’er (忽都帖木爾) to perform a sacrifice to the spirit of Mount Yiwulü. There is a list of names carved on the back of this stele, as well. Composed by Zhang Yuanmei (張元美), calligraphed by Zhang Jing (張敬). (Because the stele body is placed horizontally against the wall, the front of this stele was unable to be photographed.)

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