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Imrā’atu-nā fī l-šarīʻa wa-l-muŷtamaʻ / امرأتنا في الشريعة والمجتمع, also known as “Our Women in Islamic Law and Society”, “Muslim Women in Law and Society” Hernández-Justo, Tatiana


This book, written by scholar Tahar al-Haddad, analyzes the different types of discrimination that Tunisian Muslim women during colonial times were subjected to. It is divided in two halves: the first one covers religious and juridic issues such as inheritance, rights and obligations of women or polygyny. The second part centers around issues rooted in customs and social practices, such as access to the job market or education. The book was very criticized and gained considerable notoriety when published, but became key for the Feminist movement in Tunisia, particularly after the country achieved its independence. It has since been reissued multiple times as well as translated to other languages, such as French and English. It is considered the most important and well-known book written by al-Haddad.

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