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Shīʿī jurisprudence; Kitāb Al-Khilāf fῑ AlAḥkām by Al-Shaykh Al-Ṭūsī, also known as “كتاب الخلاف في الاحكام” Ali, Mehdi


This article pertains to a six-volume work titled “Kitāb al-Khilāf fῑ Al-Aḥkām” which roughly translates to "Book of Differences Regarding Juristic Rulings." This book is part of a wider genre of Shīʿī legal literature in which the writer poses a legal issue, states the Shīʿī position, describes the position of the other prominent legal schools (including any partisans who may have different or nuanced perspectives), and then provides reasoning (dalīl) for why the Shīʿī perspective is correct. The book contains all of the chapters one would expect in a work of fiqh (both acts of ritual worship as well as societal dealings), such as purity, almsgiving, business transactions, etc.

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