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Tijaniyya Sufi Order, also known as “Aḥmad At-Tijānī; Omar Tāl; Ibrāhim Nias; Ibrāhim Riyahi; Ahmadiyya; Sufi Order; Muhammadiyya; Tarīqa;” Ali, Makhlabi


The Tidjani order is an independent order from other Sufi orders. Its followers are present in many regions of the world, especially in North and Central Africa. They have feasts on which they gather, and their number is estimated by millions. The Tijanis gather every day in a place that is the zawiya for collective Dhikr and every Friday for the Haylala of Friday (1,200 times the word of God or the word: there is no god but God). They are distinguished by their strong love for the Prophet Muhammad, the believers, and the general public, regardless of their religion.

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