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The No.6 sutra storage cave at Shijing Mountain (石經山) Baycroft, Anne


There are all together 9 caves in the Sutra Storage Cave area of Shinjing Mountain. They were officially numbered when they were unearth in 1965, as numbering of the caves was needed to arrange rubbings of the stones.Cave No. 6 was chiselled in the Ming dynasty (1368-1644). The sutra slabs stored inside were carved at the Stone Lamp Nunnery in Beijing and later transported to Shijing Mountain. There are 200 slabs inside the cave of which include 13 books and 61 volumes of sutra. Also stored in the cave are Daoist scriptures carved on stone by Chen Fengbian and Wang Zhixuan, representatives of the two major sects of Daoism: Quanzhan and Zhengyi. Photo 2235 shows the stone carvings that line the cave walls. Photo 2236 shows one of four pillars carved with images of the Buddha.

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