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Ancient Egypt : The Tomb of Meryre II at Amarna (TA 2) Zohair, Mohamed


Meryra II was a high-ranking individual who lived under the reign of the 18th Dynasty king Akhenaten (1349-1332). His high rank and fundamental function in the court of Akhenaten are reflected in the titles he held: Royal Scribe, Steward, Overseer of the Two Treasuries, Overseer of the Royal Harem of the Great Royal Wife Nefertiti, and Favorite of Aten. His tomb is among 6 other rock-cut tombs of the Northern Group that occupy the west side of the northern east cliff of Amarna about 300 feet of the desert plain. Together with the tomb of Huya (1), Rudu (1A), and another unknown tomb (1B), the tomb of Meryre is located at the southern tip of the most northern portion of the range, separated from the other northern tombs by a dry ravine. It bears the numerical designation "TA 2" as Tomb of Amarna 2. Based on the number of Akhenaten's daughters in the tomb decorations, the titles of Aten, and the Typology, the tomb is dated most probably to year 14 or 15 of the reign of Akhenaten. The famous tomb presents a primary source of information about the political and religious situation during the final years of Akhenaten's rule at Amarna as well as the social state of its owner indicated by its particularities.

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