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The Double-Basilica at Thasos (Aliki) Auster, Abbie


The double basilica at Aliki is an elusive and unprecedented ecclesial complex on the island of Thasos. Its history as a structure in a seemingly constant state of expansion or reconstruction has led to much speculation, ambiguity and contradiction in analysis of its various architectural and archaeological programs and function(s). Notably, scholars have struggled to address various fundamental issues, from the chronology of its building phases, (contextual) influences from other structures on the peninsula, to the practices of the local Christian community. Therefore, this entry strives to illuminate the general questions and theories postulated by past research, proposes possible solutions and offers some avenues for future exploration and consideration of the site, with marked emphasis on the rationale for constructing the twin ecclesial structures and what the architecture of the site suggests vis-à-vis the early Christian community on Aliki, particularly in terms of baptism ritual(s) within the complex.

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