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The Lausiac History Schachterle, Joshua


The Lausiac History contains descriptions of encounters and stories gleaned from others about the monks and nuns of Egypt, Syria, Asia Minor, Italy, and Palestine, as well as non-monastic ascetics from the upper classes. It was written by Palladius the bishop of Helenopolis (also known as Palladius of Galatia) around 420 C.E. It takes its modern name from the fact that it was written under the patronage of Lausus, a highranking administrator in the imperial court, to whom it is addressed. Palladius wrote that the stories and sayings he had collected would be edifying for all people, not only monastics, and that all readers could adapt the practices and general spiritual orientation of the monks to their own circumstances. The first 39 chapters are stories and sayings of monks and nuns, while chapters 40-70 concern the lives of venerable ascetics, men and women, from the wealthier classes.

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