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Dalikal Ppo Klaong Garai also known as “Damnây Ppo Klaong Garai”, “Adaoh Yang Ppo Klaong Garai”, “Ariya Ppo Klaong Garai” Noseworthy, William


This is a text that is written in the Akhar Thrah script of the Cham language; a Southeast Asian language in the Austronesian family. The text is associated with the Cham Ahiér religious group, which is an indigenous and alternatively localized or particularist variant of Hinduism in what is now Vietnam. While the character referred to is a historical figure from the 12th-century, Ppo Klaong Garai, meaning "Great (Klaong) Serpent (Garai) Sovereign (Ppo)." This figure was deified. Most manuscripts in reference to Ppo Klaong Garai are from the syncretic Ahiér religion that was formulated from the 17th century through the 20th century. They cover several genres.: dalikal (short prosaic stories), damnây (legendary hymns), adaoh yang (shorter devotional songs), and ariya (formal long poems of an epic nature).

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