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The Metroon at Demetrias Wiznura, Adam


During rescue excavations (1988-1990) at the Zerva Plot in the area of Magoula Pefkakia (less than 1 km S of the port of Volos) within the territory of ancient Demetrias, was a building with rooms surrounding a peristylar courtyard. The excavator, Anthi Batziou-Efstathiou originally interpreted it as a house but later proposed that the building was the city of Demetrias' official Metroon (sanctuary to the Mother of the Gods), which is supported by the royal stamps on its rooftiles. Maria Mili points to the complexities of interpreting such spaces and suggests that it could also be the location for the private thiasos of a highstatus worshippers in the cult of Kybele/Mother of the Gods.

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