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Tomb of Nefermaat and Itet (Meidum 16) Moroney, Morgan


In the desert necropolis of Meidun sits the large early Old Kingdom mudbrick mastaba of prince Nefermaat and his wife Itet. Nefermaat was the son of a king, probably Sneferu, the first king of the Fourth Dynasty, while Itet’s familial origins are unknown. Meidum is located near the Fayum Oasis in northern Middle Egypt, about 100 km south of Cairo. The site includes several other Old Kingdom mastabas, and the remains of the Meidum pyramid, which was probably built by Sneferu. Nefermaat’s and Itet’s mastaba is situated less than 1 km north of the Meidum pyramid. Their monument included two stone-lined niche chapels, one designated to each of the deceased, and likewise two burial shafts. The chapels’ decorations demonstrate a significant development in the expansion of scene types featured in elite Egyptian tombs. These include some of the earliest outdoor scene types, and images of family members and other individuals participating in rituals and other activities.

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