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The twin sutra pagodas at the Lingyin Temple (靈隱寺) Baycroft, Anne


Lingyin monastery (or Lingyin Temple, 靈隱寺) was founded by Indian monk Huili (慧理) in 328 CE during the Eastern Jin dynasty (東晉朝, 265-420). Over the centuries the temple grew to become one of the greatest centres of Chan Buddhism.Two stone pagodas constructed in 960, stand at the east and west sides in front of the Main Hall of the Lingyin Temple. Both are octagonal and nine storeys in height. Both pagodas rest on a Sumeru pedestal containing the Shurangama Sutra (大佛頂首楞嚴經) [IMG_3162, IMG_3165 & IMG_3181-IMG_3194]. Photos 1-36 show each storey of the east pagoda. Photos 37-55 and 57-72 show each storey of the west pagoda.

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