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The twin dharani pillars at the Jingshan Temple (徑山寺) 2 Baycroft, Anne


Jingshan Temple was originally built during the Tianbao (天寶) period of the Tang dynasty (唐朝, 618-907). It was most popular during the Southern Song dynasty housing over 1700 monks. Following centuries of war and disrepair, little of the original temple remains today. In 2008, a massive reconstruction of the entire temple site was started. Most fixtures on the site today are relativity new. The twin dharani pillars are found inside the Jingshan Temple. The two dhāraṇī pillars have the transliterated Sanskrit dhāraṇī only from the Sūtra on the Spell of Victory from the Buddha’s Head-Summit to Expel Negative Karma (Sarvadurgatipariśodhana-uṣṇīṣavijayadhāraṇī-sūtra, Zuisheng foding tuoluoni jingchu yezhang zhou jing 最勝佛頂陀羅尼淨除業障呪經, translated by Divākara [地婆訶羅] in 685 or 687), Taishō no. 970, vol. 19, 359b6-c6. These are dated 2018. Right side pillar: DSC_ 2159, DSC_2160, DSC_2162, DSC_2163, DSC_2166. Left side pillar, DSC_2169, DSC_2170, DSC_2171, DSC_2174.

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