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Reliefs of the right side of the Daxiongbao Hall (大雄寶殿) at the Youshun Monastery (Youshun Si 佑順寺) Van Cutsem, Laurent; Luo, Yuqing


There are five cartouches on the right side wall of the Main Hall. Except the central cartouche of Vajrapani, the rest four seem to be part of a larger cartouche. The one on the far left shows two armored figures smiling to each other. The second one to the left shows a six arm deity showing his teeth. There are Mongolian and Chinese inscriptions underneath the central cartouche. The Chinese inscription writes "大清康熙四十三年秋九月吉日立西域僧朝落至喇嗎發心?" (daqing Kangxi sishisannian qiu jiuyue jiri li xiyu seng Chao Luozhi lama faxin). On the left side of the cartouche there are five Chinese characters "石匠李天明" (the stonemason: Li, Tianming) indicating the carver of the piece. The second cartouche to the right shows a four-arm deity, and the far right one shows 20 buddhas. Except the far right cartouche, all of the cartouches have visible traces of blue and green paint left. The central cartouche is the most vibrant-colored and most well preserved one of the five.

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