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Reliefs of the left side of the Daxiongbao Hall (大雄寶殿) at the Youshun Monastery (Youshun Si 佑順寺) Van Cutsem, Laurent; Luo, Yuqing


There are five cartouches on the left side wall of the Daxiongbao Hall (大雄寶殿). The one close to the right shows 18 Buddhas. Judging from the uneven periphery of the cartouche, it should have been part of a larger cartouche. The second to the right cartouche shows a protective deity (possibly a vajrapani). The central cartouche shows possibly a scene with Yamantaka. Underneath the central cartouche, there are Mongolian and Chinese inscriptions. The Chinese inscription reads (some characters are missing): 大清康熙四十三年歲?甲申季秋月吉日?????西域僧朝落至蘇朱兒(皃?)發心惠造???漢僧??(daqing Kangxi sishisan nian sui? jiashen jiqiuyue jiri ????? xiyuseng chao luozhi suzhuer(?) faxin huizao ??? hanseng ??) The second to the left cartouche shows a slightly damaged protective deity (possibly a vajrapani). The one close to the left shows two figures: the one on the left is a sheep-headed civil official and the right one is dressed in armors, wearing a skeleton (?) necklace and carrying a banner. All the cartouches have traces of blue and green paint left on. Except the central cartouche, all the cartouches seem to be part of a larger cartouche.

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