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Daxiongbao Hall (大雄寶殿) at the Youshun Monastery (Youshun Si 佑順寺) Van Cutsem, Laurent; Luo, Yuqing


Youshunsi (佑順寺) is located on Xinhua Road, Chaoyang city, Liaoning Province. It is a Lamasery commissioned by Kangxi (康熙) Emperor of Qing Dynasty. According to the Youshunsi Record Stele (佑順寺碑記) erected in 1716, which is currently located in front of the Heavenly Kings Hall, the temple was built between 1698 and 1707. The whole temple complex is about 233 meters from south to north, and 64 meters from east to west. The main buildings are on the north-south axis. It was protected during the Cultural Revolution, and was taken over by the Cultural Bureau in 1975. It was officially open to all in October 2009. The Main Temple (大雄寶殿) is located behind the Sutra Pavilion (經殿) and in front of the Dressing Hall (更衣殿).

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