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The preface of the dharani sutra of the Liao dynasty dharani pillar (陀羅尼經幢) at Yunju Temple (雲居寺) 2 Van Cutsem, Laurent; Luo, Yuqing


This side shows the continuation of the preface to the dharani sutra.The preface tells the story of a Brahman monk Tuoboli(陀波利)who arrived at China in the first year of the Yifeng Reign(儀鳳,676). After countless struggles, he introduced the dharani sutra(佛頂尊勝陀羅尼)into China in the year 682. The sutra's initial translation was sponsored by the Tang Court, and later underwent a new translation process at Ximing Temple(西明寺). The first one is a picture of the whole face [1]; the second is the picture of the top [2]; the remaining images are the detailed pictures from top to base.

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