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Map of the Yunju Temple (雲居寺) Van Cutsem, Laurent; Luo, Yuqing


The guiding map of Yunjusi (雲居寺) is located outside the temple, next to the Introduction to Fangshan UNESCO Global Geopark (中國房山聯合國教科文組織世界地質公園簡介). The temple/park is located in Beijing and its adjacent Laishui County, Laiyuan County and Yi County of Hebei province. The Geopark is of complete stratigraphic sequence of over 3.500 million years, which records its geological evolution. Yunjusi (雲居寺) was built during the late Sui and early Tang Period (605-618). The temple was destroyed in 1942 during the Sino-Japanese war. In the 1950s the large amount of stone scriptures were protected and researched upon. Now the temple is open to tourists and researchers alike from all over the world.

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