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South side of the North Pagoda at Yunju Temple (雲居寺 北塔 南面) Baycroft, Anne


Yunju Temple(雲居寺)is located at the foot of the Baidai(白帶)Mountain. It was built in late Sui Dynasty (隋, 581-619). Stone and brick pagodas and pillars from Yunju Temple and temples nearby were now preserved at the site, together with 14,278 pieces of stone scriptures. The 34.2-meter-high North Pagoda(北塔)was made of bricks and tiles, resembling a bell tower. The base was built in Sui Dynasty (隋, 581-619) or Tang Dynasty (唐, 618-907), while the body was built in Liao (遼, 916-1125). During reconstruction of the pagoda in 1989, 177 bricks were excavated from the southeast area near the pagoda. 176 bricks were used, with 22 of them on each side. Characters “法舍利偈 (dharma relic chant)” was inscribed on each brick. On this south side of the pagoda under the base of the first story to the left, there is an inscribed image of three beings carrying a miniature pagoda that resembles the shape of the North Pagoda [DSC_2416].

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