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Stele record of the renovation of Guandi Temple 1, 1805(關帝廟重修碑記,1805) Teiser, Stephen; Bai, Zhaojie; Li, Jing; Lu, Guobin; Zhang, Yuanjing; He, Shuyue


This stele is located in the clearing in the northeast section of Beizhen Temple. The size of this stele is 245cm (body height), 99cm (width), and 29cm (depth). The body of this stele is in good condition. There are four characters, “Chong Xiu Bei Ji 重修碑記” (Stele Record of Renovation), on the front forehead and another four characters, “Yong Chui Bu Xiu 永垂不朽” (Names Will Be Immortal), on the back forehead. This stele was established in the 10th year of Jiaqing (1805). The title of this stele is “Stele Record of the Renovation of Guandi Temple”, which records the renovation of Guandi Temple. Composed by Ma Yuchi (馬玉墀), the text of the stele body was calligraphed by X Youbin (X有彬; the surname was illegible), and the text of the stele top was calligraphed by Liang Ziling (梁梓齡).

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