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Stele record of the renovation of Guandi and Yaowang Temple, 1876(重修關帝藥王廟碑記,1876) Teiser, Stephen; Bai, Zhaojie; Li, Jing; Lu, Guobin; Zhang, Yuanjing; He, Shuyue


This stele is located in the clearing in the northeast section of Beizhen Temple. The size of this stele is 158cm (body height), 58cm (width), and 58cm (depth). The top of this stele is missing. There is text on the front, back, right, and left sides of this stele. This stele was established in the 2nd year of Guangxu (1876). The title of the stele is “Stele Record of the Renovation of Guandi and Yaowang Temple”, which records the renovation of Guandi and Yaowang Temple. Composed by Yan Wenjiang (閆文江), calligraphed by Han Taiji (韓太極).

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