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Notice to beneficiaries to return multiple grants Suji, Manoj


Many beneficiaries were found to have accessed the housing grants from multiple locations in which they had houses, but the government policy is for one grant per beneficiary household. In this notice, the National Reconstruction Authority is requesting such multiple beneficiaries to return any additional grants they might have taken. Titled 'Request from the National Reconstruction Authority,' it seems to have arisen out of a meeting of the National Reconstruction Authority Directive Committee on 6 September 2018. It lists two types of beneficiaries who should return the grants: 1) those who have received the grant but also have a safe house in another location, and 2) those have received the grant from various places where they have houses. Otherwise, the amounts that had been distributed will be treated and recovered as government payables. Taken during the 2nd phase of fieldwork conducted by the research team based at Social Science Baha in Kathmandu, Nepal, as part of the SSHRC Partnership Development Grant, ‘Expertise, Labour and Mobility in Nepal’s Post-Conflict, Post-Disaster Reconstruction’. See project details at https://elmnr.arts.ubc.ca/.

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