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Stele established in 1313 recording of imperial incense (recto); Name list (verso)(1313年制御香碑記(碑陽);題名(碑陰)) Jia, Jinhua; Yang, Zhaohua; Li, Lin; Yuan, Xiaoli; Tian, Menglu


This stele is located in the Grand Hall (大殿) of Beizhen Temple. The size of this stele is 115cm (body height), 83cm (width), and 19cm (depth). The body of this stele is in good condition. There are four characters, “Yu Xiang Bei Ji 御香碑記” (Stele Record of Imperial Incense), on the front of the stele forehead. This stele was established in the 2nd year of Huangqing (1313). The title of this stele is “Stele Record of Imperial Incense”, which describes Emperor Yuan Renzong sending official Lian Niemian Baha (廉捏綿八哈) to perform a sacrifice to the spirit of Mount Yiwulü. There is a list of names carved on the back of this stele, as well. Composed by Yu Yuandeng (虞元登), calligraphed by Yelü Nie (耶律臬).

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