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Stele record of sacrifice to the northern stronghold Mount Yiwulü, 1754(祭北鎮醫巫閭山,1754) Jia, Jinhua; Yang, Zhaohua; Li, Lin; Yuan, Xiaoli; Tian, Menglu


This stele stands in the fourth pavilion behind the Hall of Divine Horses(神馬殿)and in front of the Imperial Incense Hall (御香殿) of Beizhen Temple. The size of this stele is 240cm (body height), 106cm (width), and 37cm (depth). The body of this stele is in perfect condition. This stele sits on a tortoise-shaped base and has a dragon forehead; there are two characters, “Yu Ji 御祭” (Imperial Sacrifice), on the front of the stele forehead. This stele was established in the 19th year of Qianlong (1754). The title of this stele is “Stele of Sacrifice to the Northern Stronghold Mount Yiwulü”, which refers to a seven-syllable quatrain composed and calligraphed by Emperor Qianlong in the ninth month of the 19th year of his reign (1754) while on his second eastern tour. The quatrain is composed in two different languages: Chinese and Manchu.

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