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Stele record of wishing the Emperor attains boundless longevity, 1711(萬壽無疆碑,1711) Jia, Jinhua; Yang, Zhaohua; Li, Lin; Yuan, Xiaoli; Tian, Menglu


This stele stands in the first pavilion behind the Hall of Divine Horses(神馬殿)and in front of the Imperial Incense Hall (御香殿) of Beizhen Temple. The size of this stele is 208cm (body height), 83cm (width), and 26cm (depth). The body of this stele is badly efflorescent. This stele sits on a tortoise-shaped base and has a dragon forehead; there are three characters, “Wan Shou Bei 萬壽碑” (Stele of Longevity), on the front of the stele forehead. This stele was established in the 50th year of Kangxi (1711) to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Emperor Kangxi's ascension to the throne. Six Chinese characters, “Huang Di Wan Shou Wu Jiang 皇帝萬壽無疆” (Wishing the Emperor Attains Boundless Longevity), are calligraphed on the main body of the stele.

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