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Stele established in 1703 recording the sacrifice by La Duhun in the name of the emperor (recto); Name list (verso)(1703年制喇都渾致祭碑(碑陽);題名(碑陰)) Jia, Jinhua; Yang, Zhaohua; Li, Lin; Yuan, Xiaoli; Tian, Menglu


This stele is located on the west side of the courtyard behind the Hall of Imperial Incense (御香殿) and in front of the Grand Hall (大殿) at Beizhen Temple. The size of this stele is 205cm (body height), 82cm (width), and 26cm (depth). The body of this stele is in perfect condition. This stele sits on a tortoise-shaped base and has a dragon forehead; there are two characters, “Yu Ji 御祭” (Imperial Sacrifice), on the front of the stele forehead. This stele was established in the 42nd year of Kangxi (1703). The stele does not have a title. According to its contents, it is named “Stele of the Sacrifice by La Duhun in the Name of the Emperor", which describes Emperor Kangxi sending official La Dunhun (喇都渾) to perform a sacrifice to the spirit of Mount Yiwulü. There is a list of names carved on the back of this stele, as well. Calligraphed by Hu Tiancheng (胡天成).

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