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Exploring religious space in Northern Taiwan Baycroft, Anne; Sun, Xuejing; Cheung, Mingyeung; Park, Boram


This video shocases the use of drone video as a means to explore sacred space in nothern Taiwan. Three sites are highlighted in the film. Tianlong Gong (天龍宮), Jinfalin Temple (金法林), and Jinbaoshan (金寶山). Tianlong Gong is a local Daoist temple located in the town of Jinshan (金山). Jinfalin is a Tibetan Buddhist temple located in the mountains near the Yangmingshan National Park. Jinbaoshan cemetery (金寶山墓地 Jinbaoshan Mudi) is located in the mountain side just outside the town of Jinshan. These three sites were chosen because of they are a representative sample of the different religious sites present in Northern Taiwan. Drone videography was used to document the temples because it allows for a more detailed record of the site, and provides a clearer view of the architectural features especially the different roof ornamentation on each temple. For documenting the cemetery, drone videography enabled the research team to show the scale of each tomb in relationship to the greater site, along with showing the cemetery in relationship to the environment. In comparison to traditional photographic documentation, drone videography documentation enables the research team to quickly conceptualize the scale of the site. Furthermore, in all three sites, drone videography enables the researchers to see parts of the religious sites previously inaccessible by traditional means, be it environmental obstacles or physical limitations.

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