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Jinshan: Sacred geography and earthly topography in Northern Taiwan Wang, Michelle C.; Liu, Chao-Hui Jenny; Gilon, Matan


The drone footage captures the Tianlong Gong (天龙宫) , the Jinfalin Temple (金法林), and the Welcoming Guanyin (来迎观音) at Dharma Drum Mountain (法鼓山). It is augmented by still photography, video stills, and Google Earth maps of all three locations. Drone videography allows for a more detailed observation of the temple compound landscape and architecture, providing more detailed insight on religious iconography and architecture. Further, recording the festivals and decorations with photo and video allows for exact replication of the event and preserves the scene digitally. The clip of the Tianlong Gong (天龙宫) (0:32-1:07) shows the layout of the temple grounds and architectural features of the temple, including the main hall, bell tower, and drum tower glazed ceramic roof decorations of the Three Clarities (三清). The video also depicts the main deity of Xuantian Dadi (玄天大帝) along with banners and other festival implements inside the temple; red balloons hanging in front of the entrance. This clip also includes a video still of a festival that took place on June 28, 2019 and natural surroundings The clip of the Jinfalin Temple (金法林) (2:20-2:43) shows the facade and decorations of the gold dharmacakra, which is flanked by two deer. It also videotaped the walkway that leading up to temple, as well as the natural surroundings of the temple.

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