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Remaking the Golden Body of the Jade Emperor (three stelae) Jia, Jinhua


This group of three stelae in Chinese is located outside of the Palace of Jade Emperor (玉皇殿),Changtang Peak, Linqu, Shandong, China. It dates to 1649 (Qing 清 period). All three stelae are in perfect condition. Because they were embedded into the wall, the depth is unknown. The height and width of the first stele is 43cm (H) x 85cm (W) [1}. The second measures 43cm (H) x 110cm (W) [2]. The third measures 43cm (H) x 118cm (W) [3]. Further details are provided in the accompanying metadata spreadsheet: FROGBEAR Cluster 2.1 (2018) inscription metadata section Weifang Shi (China)" under ID YH 5-7 http://hdl.handle.net/2429/73689

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