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Ch’ojobon Pulsŏl ilch’e yŏrae kŭmgang samŏp ch’oesang pimil taegyowang kyŏng kwŏn 4 (初雕本 佛說一切如來金剛三業最上秘密大敎王經 卷 4) McBride II, Richard D.


Roll 4 of the Foshuo yiqie rulai jingang sanye zuishang mimi dajiaowang jing (佛說一切如來金剛三業最上秘密大敎王經) from the First Koryŏ Buddhist Canon, which was carved and published in Koryŏ Korea during the 12th century. This sūtra containing mantra and dhāraṇī was originally translated by the Indian scholar-monk Dānapāla (Shihu 施護, d. 1017) in seven rolls. It is Treasure no. 1839 (寶物 1839號). The First Koryŏ Buddhist Canon is generally believed by scholars to have been carved and published between 1010 and 1087.

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