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Ch’ojobon Pŏbwŏn churim kwŏn 82 (初雕本 法苑珠林 卷 82) McBride II, Richard D.


Roll 82 of the Fayuan zhulin (Pŏbwŏn churim 法苑珠林) from the First Koryŏ Canon, and Treasure no. 1838 (寶物 1838號). The Fayuan zhulin (T 2122) is one of the earliest Buddhist encyclopedia, compiled by the Tang monk Daoshi 道世 (ca. 596–683) and completed in 668. Although this roll (卷子本) of the Fayuan zhulin is cataloged by the museum as being part of the First Koryŏ Buddhist Canon, it was probably more accurately part of the Koryŏ prince and monk-pilgrim Ŭich’ŏn’s 義天 (1055-1101) Canon of Doctrinal Teachings (kyojang, Ch. jiaozang 敎藏), because it is recorded in his catalog Sinp’yŏn chejong kyojang ch’ongnok 新編諸宗教藏總錄 3, T 2184, 55.1178b25. Ŭich’ŏn worked on his Canon of Doctrinal Teachings in the last quarter of the 12th century, and was most actively involved in the editing and publication of this supplement to the First Koryŏ Canon after his return to Song China in 1086 through the 1090s.

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