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The Stele of the Buddhavatamsaka-mahavaipulya sutra (Dafangguangfohuangyanjing 大方廣佛華嚴經), by Lourui (婁睿) of the Northern Qi dynasty (550-577 A.D.) Li, Lan


The carving sutra of this stele was sponsored by Lourui (婁睿), the Prince of Dong'an (東安) of the Northern Qi dynasty. It was created for Lingyu (靈裕), the famous master of Dasabhumika School. This stele is 230 cm in height, 100 cm in width and 28 cm in depth, with dragon heads and a rectangle base. The inscription carved on the stele is the chapter of Pusa mingnan pin (菩薩明難品, the chapter of the bodhisattva explaining the disasters) from the Avatamsaka-sūtra (華嚴經).

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