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Zhulin Si (竹林寺) Bamboo Grove Monastery Jin Dynasty Pillar Baycroft, Anne


An eight-sided Jin Dynasty pillar is located inside the Library Hall of Zhulin Temple. Zhulin Temple is located six kilometers southwest of the town of Taihaui in the centre of Wutai Mountain. The temple was founded by eminent monk Fa Zhao during the Tang Dynasty. The pillar was commissioned by Liugong Mingji 劉公銘記 in 1291 and contains the names of numerous donors. The inscriptions are written in Chinese and Mongolian. Images include: Pillar side 1 [1207]. Pillar side 2 [1208]. Pillar side 3 [1209]. Pillar side 4 [1210]. Pillar side 5 [1211]. Pillar side 6 [1212]. Pillar side 7 [1213]. Pillar side 8 [1214]. Pillar top [1215].

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