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Zhulin Si (竹林寺) Bamboo Grove Monastery Stupa 1 Baycroft, Anne


Ming Dynasty Stupa located at Zhulin Temple. Zhulin Temple is located six kilometers southwest of the town of Taihuai in the centre of Mount Wutai. The temple was founded by eminent monk Fa Zhao during the Tang Dynasty. It was rebuilt in 1997, led by Ven. Miaojiang (妙江). Zhulin Temple is known for its Ming Dynasty Stupa located to the left of the Manjusri Hall. The stupa is said to house the relics of Sakyamuni (Shijia Mouni 釋迦牟尼). Stupa front [1194]. Stupa right side [1197]. Stupa back side [1199]. Stupa left side [1205]. Stupa back side, top [1217]. Stupa plaque, Chinese, Mongolian, Tibetan script [1202]. Stupa front side door [1203]. Photos include Stupa from north, east, south, and west angle. Also pictured is a damaged stele, incense censer, tile plaque with Chinese, Mongolian, and possible Tibetan inscriptions, as well as stone lions.

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