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Inscription of specific karma of offering to the Buddha at the Chongshan (崇善) Temple (chongshansi gongfo bieye beiji 崇善寺供佛别业碑记 ) Sun, Mingli


This stone stele is located at the Chongshan (崇善) Temple, Taiyuan city, Shanxi province, China. It is dated 1563 in the Ming dynasty (the forty-second year of Jiajing (嘉靖) Era). The Chongshan (崇善) Temple was first built in the Tang dynasty. It had several names in the history, such as Baima (白馬) Temple, Yanshou (延壽) Temple, Zongshan (宗善) Temple, and was renamed Chongshan (崇善) Temple in the Ming dynasty. The Chongshan (崇善) Temple was magnificent in the Ming dynasty with various halls and shrines. However, in the Qing dynasty, most of the architecture in the temple were destroyed by a fire. Only the hall of Dabei (大悲) and some affiliated buildings survived. This inscription is important for understanding the situation of the Chongshan (崇善) Temple in the Ming dynasty.

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