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The stele at Duofu (多福) Temple on the West Mountain of Juewei (崛圍) in Jin (晉) province (jinsheng xishan juewei duofusi bei 晉省西山崛圍多福寺碑) Sun, Mingli


This stone stele in Chinese is located at the Duofu (多福) Temple, Mount Juewei (崛圍), Taiyuan city, Shanxi province, China. It is dated 1615, the forty-third year of Wanli (萬曆) Era, in the Ming dynasty. The stele was built by the Monk Juezhi (覺智), the abbot of the Duofu (多福) Temple. Duofu (多福) Temple, also known as Juewei (崛圍) Temple, is located on the Mount Juewei (崛圍) in the Northwest of Taiyuan City. This temple was first built in the second year of Zhenyuan (貞元) Era (786) in the Tang dynasty, and was rebuilt during the Hongwu (洪武) Era (1368-1398) in the Ming dynasty. This inscription is significant for knowing the history of the Duofu (多福) Temple.

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