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The Zhenguo (鎮國) Temple in Shanxi province Sun, Mingli


Located in Pingyao County, Shanxi Province, Zhenguo (鎮國) Temple was first built in the Later Han dynasty (Hou Han 後漢, 951-979) in Five dynasties. Its original name was Jingcheng (京城)Temple, and was renamed as Zhenguo Temple in the Jiajing era (1522-1566) in the Ming dynasty. Nowadays, the existing architecture in the Zhenguo Temple include the gate/ hall of heavenly kings, bell tower, drum tower, the hall of Thousand Buddha, the hall of Budhisattva of Guanyin, the hall of Budhisattva of Kṣitigarbha (Dizang 地藏), and so on. The current layout of the Zhenguo temple took its shape from the reconstruction in the Qing dynasty. This temple is a good source for scholars and students to understand Buddhist temples in Shanxi Province.

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