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Inscription of repairing Shuanglin Temple (chongxiu shuanglinsi beiji 重修雙林寺碑記) Sun, Mingli


This stone stele in Chinese is located at Shuanglin Temple (雙林寺), Taiyuan city, Shanxi province, China. It is dated 1911, the third year of Xuantong (宣統), in the Qing (清) dynasty. This stele consists of three parts. At the top of the stele, there are two carved dragons. On the main body of the stele, there carved an inscription with decorative patterns. The Bottom of the the stele is a foundation bed. The inscription named “Chongxiu Shuanglinsi Beiji” (重修雙林寺碑記, the Inscription of Rebuilding Shuanglin Temple) records the history of Shuanglin Temple and the process to repair it. This inscription is of key importance for research on the Buddhist temples in Shanxi during the Qing dynasty.

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