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Ganda also known as “Buganda”, “Luganda”, “Kiganda” Pitek, Emily


This entry focuses on the Ganda society before King Mutesa's reign; during his reign, King Mutesa admitted Arab traders, received missionaries, and European contact was made. Prior to European contact and Christian/Muslim influence, the traditional Ganda (who refer to themselves as “Baganda”) religion was based upon a hierarchy of gods, ghosts, fetiches, and amulets. Religious beliefs were interwoven with political structure, so the Ganda religion is best described as coterminous with the society. Traditionally, the Buganda was one of the Lacustrine kingdoms in the Lake Victoria region of Africa, and was known for its dominant military power. Today, Buganda is one of the four provinces in Uganda, and is located on the northwest shores of Lake Victoria.

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