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Haitians Pitek, Emily


This entry focuses on the people living in the valley of Mirebalais, Haiti, ca. 1935. Albeit reflective of a typical rural, Haitian community, the following information pertains only to the people of Mirebalais and cannot be used to make generalizations about the Haitian population as a whole. More specifically, this entry describes the Vodun (Voodoo) religious group, to which the majority of the people adhere. Despite the importance of Vodun in many aspects of society, Vodun was not officially sanctioned at the time this entry focuses on, and thus the religious group is not considered to be coterminous with the society at large. Vodun consists of African traditions with Catholic influence; key features include the communication with gods through rituals containing dance and spirit possession, which are often led by religious specialists. Important supernatural figures are the Christian God, his son Jesus, saints of the Church, the Holy Ghost, as well as African deities called Ioa, mysteries, or saints.

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