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Volunteer's Voice, Jan. 85 Carnegie Centre (Vancouver, B.C.) Jan 31, 1985

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,, ·- , ..___.~~ ~~- JAN. 1986'. . .. . ~ j:>10A•ll3]1Nn10J\~~"--~- -VOLUNTEER•VOICE ~VolW1teer Notes Katherine Galan is back at her sewing corner 3 days a week. Wed., Thurs., and Fri., 11 - 3 So glad to have yrnt back Katherine. Lau has begW1 a Chinese cooking class Mondays from 6 - 9:30. There's no charge. There has been additional time alotted in the Theatre for music practice. Tues. and Thurs. from 4 - 6 is the non music guild practice time. Films are nCM 25¢ to rrembers and $1.00 to non-rrembers. Carnegie membership cards must be shCMn at the door. Monday nite drawing classis $4.00 per session. This includes the ITOdel and all materials. January is PEACE month at CARNEGIE The opinions expressed in the Volunteer Voice are those of the writers and not the Association. • ._._. VOLUNTEER•VOICE ~~~~ \)\\')INE'RS . Ver'/ Se,r l,)IW\ r-b i co~, \)e,rf TuM_'f_ 'l"IW' ~ E'IER'IONE c.oHE, 5 RI J'll G- F"A f4\' L.~ AtU> .. fRIENJ>5. . . THANK- 'loo. ~ r-e: z -I m .,, ~ .c -C""") rr, La.I c.., - Vol unle.-.r D1nn&-r ~~,,-,, ,,,..., --- ____ .......,,,.,., ~ff ANUAR'f A2., I q85'7 ,N 1HEAlRE : 5:oo P.M. Re.gv/ar Voh,l\+•e.t'.S. fie~ ·. Se.e. $' NANt1 ~- . For' 11 cke.t ~ . January is PEACE month at CARNEGIE 1~-- VOLUtJTEER•VOICE In Memory In loving JreinOry of Blake Denham, we the volunteers and staff of Carnegie:Center would like to say how sorry we are to lose a loving and trusting and honest human being. We all pray that God takes you in his kingdan of heaven. We will all miss you on Sunday in the pool roan. I can pranise one thing, you will not be forgotten by your volunteer buddies. Thanks to everyone who have bee!) so kind to donate to a Blake Denham nemorial object. God be with you Blake. Love, Linda Storey & Harold Kearney -n '11 VOLUNTEER•VOICE ~,, Volunteers at the reception desk are now issuing "coffee tickets." However, tickets can only .be given to volunteers who have their cards signed and numbered by a staff person. This change over is to make it easier for the volunteer s to get their tickets and also that a record can be kept of how many tickets are given out. Thanks for your co-operation. Nancy Sweedler .. t«-. .- VOLUNTEER•VOICE t .r Volunteer Voice Dear Volunteer workers and Readers; Being involved with this "Book of volunteer knowledge and good health, in their reactions on helping me to keep it float -ing. Thank-you all, who do so produce. My own personal endeavor was to make sure it was not held only here, but go out t o other Volunteer worked places. Which I have done, but find i t very hard to continue alone, and if I must run around for news and writers, I'm going to need your interested relations in getting it out on the 8th of each month. I'm sure I'm not asking for too much. Show me, you can and will do it .· Thank-you all Wholeheartedly I re main, Your Editor. TorY\ A&A1N: Katherine Galan BurkE-:-- HAWI I· OFf Boo/\1 D. BoN VO'/A\:rE. .. • ,,__..,. • __,• ....II-!'~ 4~ VOLUNTEEfl•YOICE ~ y . v- ~ Congradulations Our Board of Directors , consists of 94% Volunteers caring hard working people. I personally respect and love you all. Let me say, I am not alone in giving and plcing the praise where it belongs to each and everyon e of you. Your hard work and endcavoE will not go unheeded. Welcome, Welcome and Great thank-you. Senior's Corner Happy New Year £ran the Senior's of Carnegie Center. For the past rronths, the Senior~s have been very busy with the preparation of the Christmas Eve Dance and the Boxing Day Dinner both of which were great successes. The Boxing Day Dinner served more that 350 people most of whom enjoyed themselves imrensly. Two new programs started with the New Year. The first is an exercise-with-music class which is held every Tuesday, 4-5 p.m. and Saturday 3-4 p.m. The second is a woodworking class which takes place Saturday £ran 10 a.m. to 1 p.rn. The success of these free programs will depend on your participation. Coming up on the 28th and 29th of January is a camping trip to Camp Capilano. If you like fishing, nature walks and fun, sign up while there is still room. As in the past, the Senior's Dance will take place on Monday nite and the Senior's Dinner i s still on Thursday. So cane on Seniors, see you at these functions. The Senior's Carrnittee ~ t ft 1~t JS -ti J(.1i-. ~f ~ ~ ~ '~ 1 . "f .iA~ :k. - 100 J\~ : . * 1ft ~-~, ) .... , 1t-i~ ~ {j tG :{\ . ~ \' -loj o/l 1 ~ ~ I, tk ~ -r-- ~ ~ ¼t ~ it ~i :i:~ 1& ~ rr -<!.kn -4 Rij ~ ?i 1 ~ ~ tf. !- ~u -1 ~.f -tt ~ ~ : ...... /,'~ ~ ~Lt---~ --1©~~~ ~~~Jt-. . January is PEACE rronth at CARNEGIE -......... _.--fl ..- ... ~ . - 3JIOA•ll331Nn10A .--.~~- VOLUNTEER•VOICE •• • • • • ' I• • • January 6, 1984 Tom is washing the windows and the x-mas, new year's season decorations will soon be gone. I just have to admit it. The holiday season is over. Such a lot of act i vities this year. Many dinners and parties, good food and wonderful presents for everyone. And for the first tine Carnegie remained open xmas eve thanks to the brainstorm of Alexander and thanks to all the help, love and dedication of many many volunteers and staff rrembers. Thinking of all that went on during this _busy season I only can feel appreciation for all those who gave s0 much of their tine and good energy to Carnegie Center. We certainly captured the holiday spirit in this building and that's a lot to be thankful for. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! ! ! Nancy Sweedle r ~ r-e: z -I m .,, ~ -~ -n "1 CA P&lJ L£ ~ oF w,~t>om ~nhJ!, beg-,'ns fre.at wofl.'1(.~J Labo"" alo~ P,·"·,she,~ he-m. Fr~\/. Ro~ a goocJ har-1e.at) ~ 6ut' Ke.,p o" hoe..inf • . -~ ~ La.I LU 1-z ::, _. 0 > ~~ IP ; t '~ ~ ~mo I J w oL \cl, vJh1 oloe.• it c.o•t ~o WW\Uc,h to run it. Thanks I'd like to thank you all for the help you gave rre, drristmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. I'd say we had a pretty good turn out for each event and I think that eve:rybody had a pretty good tine. So again, 1 thank you all for the help you gave rre. And Happy New Year to each and eve:ryone of you. Yours truly, Don Bateman ( Red) The	UBC	Library	and	UBC	Learning	Exchange	would	like	to	thank	the	following	participants	for	their	contributions	to	digitizing	this	community-generated	document:	Joseph	Sparovec;	Wilson	Liang;	Debra	McNaught	This	community-generated	work	was	digitized	and	deposited	to	cIRcle,	UBC's	open	access	digital	repository,	as	part	of	the	Digitizing	Community	Memories	project	of	the	Making	Research	Accessible	in	the	Downtown	Eastside	initiative	(MRAi).	In	collaboration	with	the	UBC	Learning	Exchange	and	UBC	Library,	the	project	provided	training	and	support	for	community	members	in	the	Downtown	Eastside	to	digitize	and	make	openly	available	community-generated	materials.		This	project	aimed	to	increase	access	to	historic	Carnegie	Centre	publications	and	preserve	these	unique	materials	for	years	to	come.		For	more	information	on	this	project	and	the	UBC	Learning	Exchange,	please	visit	learningexchange.ubc.ca		November	22,	2017	


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